On This Day in History…

In 1800, Baptist missionary, William Carey, baptized Krishna Pal, his first Bengali convert to Christianity. Carey had been laboring for seven years without seeing one conversion. Krishna Pal would go on to become an evangelist and minister to his native people for the final two decades of his life. He also wrote hymns, some of which were translated into English.

Here are a few lines from one of his hymns:

O thou, my soul, forget no more

The Friend Who all thy misery bore;

Let every idol be forgot,

But, O my soul, forget Him not. . . .

Renounce thy works and ways, with grief,

And fly to this most sure relief;

Nor Him forget, who left His throne,

And for thy life gave up His own.

Carey would go on to see 700 converts and lead advances in Bible translation, education, and social reform in India. He is knows as the “father of modern missions.”

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